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Electricians Topics

Cost of Upgrade Electrical Panel or Wiring

Cost to Upgrade to 200 Amp Service

How much does an electrical panel upgrade cost? Get information about upgrading to 200 amp service and learn more about the regional cost differences for materials and labor.

Cost of Residential Electrical Contractors

Cost of Hiring an Electrician

How much does an electrician cost? Learn more about the factors that impact the cost of hiring an electrician. Electrical contractors can complete a number of different projects, including home wiring, breaker panel upgrades, and generator installation.

Electrical Fixture Installation Topics

Aluminum Wiring, Is Your Home Safe?

Was your house built, in the late 60's or early 70's, if so your wiring is probably Aluminum. Many homes wired over 30 years ago with aluminum pose a multitude of fire and safety issues that most homeowners may not be aware of.

Upgrade Electrical Panel or Wiring Topics

Arc Fault Detection

Learn more about the importance of arc fault detection and the installation of arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs).

Residential Electrical Contractors Topics

Is Your Homes Outlets Grounded or Non Grounded, What is The Difference?

Homes wired prior to the 1960’s were commonly wired with a two-wired system with non-grounded outlets, unlike today’s modern wiring code which uses a three wire grounded system.

What is an Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI)?

An arc fault current interrupter (AFCI) is a circuit breaker that protects your home’s wiring system and helps to reduce the risk of an electrical fire.

What to Look for When Choosing an Electrician

For most of us the thought of installing and wiring a new circuit for a new appliance, or replacing an old ceiling fan, is probably unlikely, if not for any reason other than proper safety and code issues. Therefore, how can you find and choose a reputable, affordable, and knowledgeable electrician.

Commercial Electrical Contractors Topics

Do You Know The Most Crucial Factor Relating To Your Business Success?

You must be able to deliver your product at the time you promise and in the condition you promise it. Yes, other things matter, but these are most critical factors; on time and in new condition.

How Important Is Site Lighting To The Safety Of Your Employees?

A professionally designed site lighting installation, coupled with a good preventative maintenance program, will go a long way in protecting your most valuable assets, your employees.

Are There Differences in Your Electrical Contractors?

General electricians for your home, Industrial electricians for your work. Why choose one over the other?

Are You Aware That Electrical Surges Are Killing Your Systems and Equipment?

While lightning strikes can cause severe and immediate damage, even low level surges, over time, will degrade your electronic components and shorten the life of your equipment.

Electrical Fixture Installation DIY - Do it Yourself

Recessed Can Installation

How to video: Recessed Can Installation

Electrical for Remodel or Addition - Questions & Answers

How Much Does Electrical Work Cost for a Home Addition?

Electrical Fixture Installation - Questions & Answers

Do I need a permit to install an electrical outlet?

Top answer: In some cases

How Much Does an Electrician Charge to Replace an Outlet?

How Much Does It Cost to Hang a Chandelier?

How Much Does It Cost to Install a 120V Outlet?

How often should GFCI outlets be tested to make sure they’re still functional?

Top answer: Once a year

What is the most common reason for power outlet failure?

Top answer: Circuit overload

Will a GFCI outlet eventually wear out?

Top answer: Yes

Upgrade Electrical Panel or Wiring - Questions & Answers

Can attic insulation touch knob and tube wiring?

Top answer: No

Can Knob and Tube Wiring Be Grounded?

Top answer: No

Do I need a permit to upgrade my electrical panel?

Top answer: Always

Does Knob and Tube Wiring Contain Asbestos?

Top answer: In some cases

How long does aluminum electrical home wiring typically last?

Top answer: 30+ years

How long does it take to remove and replace an electric panel with a new one?

Top answer: 4-5 hrs

How long does it typically take to replace an electrical panel? (upgrade from 100 to 200 amps, using existing wiring)

Top answer: 6-8 hours

How Much Will It Cost to Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

Is aluminum wiring safe?

Top answer: In some cases

Is it possible to upgrade an electrical panel without re-wiring the entire house?

Top answer: In most cases

Is it safe to install a new electric panel on your own?

Top answer: No

Is it safe to try installing a new electric panel on your own?

Top answer: No

Is knob and tube wiring safe?

Top answer: No

Will installing copper electrical wiring add value to my home?

Top answer: Yes

Standby Generator Installation - Questions & Answers

What is the most common fuel source that back-up generators typically use?

Top answer: Natural gas

Residential Electrical Contractors - Questions & Answers

Am I allowed to work on the electrical wiring in my home without a permit?

Top answer: In some cases

Can an electrician install a phone jack?

Top answer: In most cases

Do I need GFCI outlets for my washer and dryer?

Top answer: Never

Do I need to hire a licensed electrician to install a GFCI outlet?

Top answer: Yes, always

Do licensed electricians perform Home Safety Electrical Inspections?

Top answer: Yes

Does a standard home refrigerator typically require GFCI protection?

Top answer: Never

Does an AFCI outlet provide GFCI protection?

Top answer: No, an AFCI outlet does not provide GFCI protection.

Does the National Electrical Code prohibit homeowners from working on home wiring?

Top answer: No

How often does a GFCI need to be replaced?

Top answer: Unsure

How often does a home typically need to be rewired?

Top answer: Over 20 years

Is a homeowner allowed to install their own electrical wiring?

Top answer: In some cases

Is it customary to tip an electrician?

Top answer: No

Is it important to have an AFCI breaker installed in your home?

Top answer: Very important

Is it safe to install my own GFCI outlet?

Top answer: No

Is it safe to remove an electrical panel after an arc fault flash occurs?

Top answer: In most cases

Is it safe to replace my own damaged electrical outlet?

Top answer: Sometimes

Is rewiring necessary after an arc fault flash occurs?

Top answer: Sometimes

My house is wired with aluminum wire. Would you recommend rewiring the home with copper wire?

Top answer: In some cases

True or False: It is harder to install a combination AFCI than a branch AFCI.

Top answer: No significant difference

What is the most common cause of a circuit breaker trip?

Top answer: Overloaded circuit

What is the most common cause of an arc fault flash?

Top answer: Other

What is your opinion of the National Electrical Contractors Association?

Top answer: Favorable

What type of light bulb is the most energy efficient?

Top answer: LED bulb

When replacing an electric panel, does the electrician typically provide the new panel or does it have to be purchased from a 3rd party vendor?

Top answer: The electrician provides one

Will an arc fault circuit interrupter (or AFCI) breaker interfere with the operation of a ground fault circuit interruptor (GFCI)?

Top answer: No

Would you recommend installing a GFCI and an AFCI in the same location?

Top answer: Sometimes

Would you recommend installing AFCI outlets in every room of the house?

Top answer: Yes, always

Charging Stations Topics

How Much Does an Electric Car Charging Station Cost?

How Much Does It Cost to Install an EV Home Charging Station?

Phone Systems Topics

How Much Does Phone Jack Installation Cost?

Appliance Repair & Installation Topics

Should a Garbage Disposal Be on Its Own Circuit?

Top answer: Always

Antenna Installation Topics

Do Electricians Install TV Antennas?

How Much Do Antenna Installers Charge?

How Much Does TV Antenna Installation Cost?

Computer Repair Topics

Checklist for a Healthy Computer

Whether you just purchased a new computer, are giving one to a loved one for Christmas, or already own a PC or laptop, the following check list should help you maintain a healthy computer

“For the Price of Fixing my Computer, I Could Buy a New Computer?”

How to understand the cost of buying a new computer versus saving an older computer.

Standby Generators Topics

Air-cooled Generators vs. Liquid-cooled Generators

Learn more about the difference between air-cooled standby generators and liquid-cooled standby generators.

Cost of Standby Generator Installation

Learn more about the factors that increase and decrease the cost of installing a standby home generator.

Fuel Sources for Standby Generators

Learn more about the different fuel sources that standby (or backup) generators are powered by in the case of an electrical power outage.

Generator Installation Cost

How much does it cost to install a generator? Learn more about the factors that impact the cost of installation.

How Does a Backup Generator Work?

Watch this video to learn more about how a backup generator operates.

How to Size a Standby Generator

Learn more about sizing a standby generator for your home.

Installing Stand-by Generators

Home standby generators are designed to provide electricity in times of power outages or utility company malfunctions for a short duration of time.

Portable Standby Generators vs. Fixed Standby Generators

Learn more about the difference between portable standby generators and permanently installed standby generators.

Types of Standby Generators

Learn more about the types of standby generators that you can provide backup power to your home in the event of a power outage.

What is a Standby Generator?

A standby generator supplies power to a home when there is a disruption in the normal electrical service.

A back-up generator must be installed by a licensed electrician.

Top answer: True

A stand-by generator must be installed in a well-ventilated area.

Top answer: True

All back-up generators require periodic oil changes.

Top answer: True

All standby generators must be installed outdoors.

Top answer: True

An aluminum enclosure will typically extend the life of a standby generator.

Top answer: Yes

Are permits typically required when installing a permanent standby generator?

Top answer: Yes

Can a backup generator power a furnace or air-conditioner?

Top answer: Usually

How do generator installers most commonly charge for their services?

Top answer: Fixed fee (based on material costs and labor)

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Backup Generator Installed?

Installing a standby generator typically requires an electrical permit inspection.

Top answer: Always

Is it practical to use a back-up generator instead of using a regular utility service?

Top answer: No

Is the cost of delivery typically included in the cost of generator installation?

Top answer: Always

Liquid-cooled generators are typically more expensive than air-cooled generators.

Top answer: True

Permanently-installed back-up generators are typically safer to operate than portable back-up generators.

Top answer: True

Salt air is harmful to the operation of a standby generator.

Top answer: True

What brand of fixed-in-place standby generator do you most commonly install?

Top answer: Generac

What is a Liquid-cooled Generator?

What size generator is most commonly installed to power the essential circuits of a 1,500 square foot house?

Top answer: 15-20 kW

What size standby generator is needed to power an entire 1,500 square foot home during a power outage?

Top answer: 20-25 kW

What type of generator mounting pad is the most durable?

Top answer: Cement or concrete

When installing a backup generator, you should also install a carbon monoxide detector in your home.

Top answer: Yes

How do generator contractors most commonly charge for repair work?

Top answer: Hourly rate (plus parts)

What is an Air-cooled Generator?

Home Automation Topics

6 Things to Know Before Purchasing a Home Entertainment System

Take a few minutes study what the future directions are so you can make a smarter investment.

Home Theaters Topics

Create a Luxury Home Theater

Innovative home theater designs by Extreme Communitcations

Custom Home Theater Installation in NJ

Cinemagic, LLC is an award-winning home theater, home automation installer company in North Jersey.

Mixing Up a Media Room!

So you long for your own private media room. And the room that you envision is filled with deep, cushy, comfortable leather recliners, complete with drink holders.

Who Doesn't Love Music?

Designing Interiors for Optimal Music Listening Experiences

How Much Does Professional Home Theater Installation Cost?

Outdoor Lighting Topics

H.O. Services is Bostons Home Team for Your Home!

We are your local electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling specialists.

Lightning Protection Topics

Lightning Rules

Lightning causes more and severe damage than most of us think. Here's why.

How Much Does Home Lightning Protection Cost?

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Lightning Rod?

TV Mounting Topics

What is the difference between an LCD and LED TV?

Other Electricians Topics

How to Build a PC

Do you know what could beat the exciting feeling of having a new computer? Make your own PC!

Boston-Cambridge Electrician Launches Information Resources On Electrical Home Safety.

Boston-Cambridge, MA – H.O. Electric today announced the launch of www.ecofriendlyelectrician.com as an information portal for Boston-Cambridge area home owners and businesses to find information about electrical repair projects.

H.O. Electric Appears on Belmont Business Report

H.O. Electric is your residential Electrical Plumbing Heating Cooling Specialist.

H.O. Services - Generator - Keep the Lights On this Winter

H.O. Services is "Boston's Home Team" for Electrical, Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling. Our call center is available 24/7 making it easy to schedule for your convenient appointment.

Does a washing machine require GFCI protection?

Top answer: Always

Related Questions & Answers

Do I need a licensed electrician to install a ceiling fan?

Top answer: Always

How long does it typically take to install a ceiling fan where there is no electrical connection in place?

Top answer: 2-3 hours

What is the difference between a modem and a router?

Are electric baseboard heaters considered energy efficient?

Top answer: In some cases

Can electric baseboard heaters be wired in series?

Top answer: In some cases

Does an electric furnace require a dedicated circuit to maintain its production level?

Top answer: Yes

How many home electrical fires occur each year in the U.S.?

How many people in the U.S. are injured by electrical hazards each year?

Is it safe to install a flatscreen TV above the fireplace?

Top answer: In most cases

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