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What type of light bulb is the most energy efficient?

LED bulb
Compact flourescent bulb (CFL)
Standard incandescent light bulb
Not sure
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Question: What type of light bulb is the most energy efficient?
Top Answer (92% of 78 votes): LED bulb.

Answer: LED bulb
Explanation: LED bulbs consume the least about of power. CFL lights are the most popular energy efficient bulbs.
Grace Event Productions
Answer: LED bulb
Explanation: bad part about them is the toxic chemicals inside them
D B Electric
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: I could guess
Answer: LED bulb
Explanation: Plus they are not dangerous to the environment
Reality Property Inspections
Answer: LED bulb
Explanation: The LED bulbs require much less wattage than the CFL or Incandescent light bulbs, which is why LED bulbs are more energy-efficient and long lasting than the other types of bulb.
Studio Tumo LLC
Answer: Compact flourescent bulb (CFL)
Explanation: 90% of energy is given off is heat. CFL radiant heat give off or uses about 1/3 of conventional.
Mayer Partners + design, LLc
Answer: LED bulb
Explanation: LED is more expensive to buy initially now but costs are falling. LED costs to operate are not significant compared to fluorescent and incandescent lamps.
BK Design Associates
Answer: LED bulb
Explanation: With the advances in lighting LED offers a high efficiency in operating.
Seabreeze Electric
Answer: LED bulb
Explanation: Led bulbs take 80% less energy than the regular lighting. You will save more energy and pay less on your bill like 80% less.
House Stars Holiday Lighting Installation
Answer: LED bulb
Explanation: By far the best light.
Kristoff Electric
Answer: LED bulb
Explanation: LED by far. Almost no maintenance
Advanced Electrical and Energy
Answer: LED bulb
Explanation: Led lights fixtures and bulds bring energy efficiency and less heat into a home . It brings brighter lighting that helps people see and view things as if it was daylight
Branch Power Services
Answer: LED bulb
Explanation: LED bulbs are the most energy efficient bulbs for a consumer because they not only require less energy to run but they do not emit heat on the surface which can cause homes or commercial spaces to require more cooling. This results in lower use of the cooling system during the warmer time of year which means lower payments on their Electric Utility bill.
Carolina Moncion Design
Answer: LED bulb
Explanation: LED (Light Emitting Diodes) are the most efficient, most environmentally friendly, and longest lasting form of lighting available in the marketplace as of 2017.
Sovereign Solar
Answer: LED bulb
Explanation: LED are also more durable.
Answer: LED bulb
Explanation: However, leaving price aside, research shows that LED light bulbs are truly the most energy-efficient. LED bulbs produce 90 to 112 lumens per watt. Compact Fluorescent Lamps produce 40 to 70 lumens per watt, and traditional incandescent bulb fixtures only produce 10 to 17 lumens per watt. So, from a purely scientific point of view, LEDs are the most energy-efficient bulbs.
Super J Handyman LLC
Answer: LED bulb
Explanation: This type of bulb only uses a fraction of the true wattage output. a 60 watt bulbs will only use about 13 watts of electricity.
Advanced Home Automation
Answer: LED bulb
Explanation: LED's are cool to touch (low to no heat) and draw very little power.
Relux Construction LLC
Answer: LED bulb
Explanation: Led runs at 1/3 or less power consumption
DiBiagio Electrical Construction llc
Answer: LED bulb
Explanation: Reading about the differences of all these light bulbs and trying the LED's vs. the CFL's I find that the LED's are the most energy efficient.
Answer: LED bulb
Explanation: LED bulbs have changed the way we light our spaces. They use a fraction of the wattage of other light sources and they last much longer. They are available in virtually any brightness and color temperature.
Brad Jenkins Inc.
Answer: LED bulb
Explanation: Always
Angel Christmas Lights Installations
Answer: LED bulb
Explanation: Consider a household lamp bulb; Incandescent 60 watts, halogen 43 watts, cfl 13 watts, led 12 watts.
Light Up My Holiday
Answer: LED bulb
Explanation: LED is not a bulb, it's a light fixture. Proper terms
Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide
Answer: LED bulb
Explanation: led is the new and cheapest in way of cost
K&K Christmas lighting
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